How to override header_default.php

I’ve discovered an issue when viewing my site (which is not currently live) on a mobile display. I’m using a bootstrap (2) derived theme, and the navigation bar compacts down to a “Hamburger button” icon on small screen sizes.

The trouble is, e107_core\templates\header_default.php is inserting a hidden modal form (with ID “uiModal”) into my page, and this prevents the user from being able to click the “hamburger” icon (except for a very small sliver at one edge which isn’t obscured by the modal).

I’ve considered two options for combatting this. The first would be to override the “header_default.php” file with a customised version in my <theme_name>\templates folder. But having copied “header_default.php” to this location and modified it, it seems that e107 is not picking it up, it keeps using the version in e107_core.

The only other option I can think of would be to delete the modal using javascript at document.ready time, but this seems a bit clunky.

Can anyone tell me where I’m going wrong with using header_default.php in my theme’s template folder? Thank you.






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