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  • How to override header_default.php

    I’ve discovered an issue when viewing my site (which is not currently live) on a mobile display. I’m using a bootstrap (2) derived theme, and the navigation bar compacts down to a “Hamburger button” icon on small screen sizes. The trouble is, e107_core\templates\header_default.php is inserting a hidden modal form (with ID “uiModal”) into my page, and this…

  • Change colors in Theme Bootstrap 3

    I am using Theme Bootstrap 3 and would like to change many colors, in which file is the information saved?

  • Where is forming HEADERF and FOOTERF in e107 v2? [closed]

    I want to implements my html theme from themeforest into E107v2, but i cant find where if produce HEADERF and FOOTERF in e107 v2? into custom page i use this code: ….. include_once(HEADERF); eFront::instance()->getResponse()->send(‘default’, false, true); include_once(FOOTERF); exit; where can i change HEADERF and FOOTERF?