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Hello, i need help or further information pls!

i want to sell Photos for download:

1. adding a product to the cart is not possible,

nothing happens when you push the "add to cart" button.

2. to change the tax from 0.00 to 19.00 is not stored

All other things are working well, easier with rather less issues 

than from various paid joomla! extensions.

Great work!

I´m not able to write code, i´m user not developer.

Many thanks!

Version 2.3.2 (git)

Security level
[5] Balanced

Site Theme

Admin Theme
Bootstrap 3 v1.0 by e107 Inc (2013-12-25)

PHP Version 7.4.16



e107 version Version 2.3.2 (git)
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Hi chrisko although this chanel is not for Vstore (https://github.com/e107inc/vstore   issue reporting there).
let's find out what is going on.
Please remember that this plugin is not off. released and errors may happen.
Although you mention what happens, and i am quite familiar with this plugin (there are unknown pieces, hence no release yet especially on payment channels; we need info of users).
Multilanguage is presently still a little on hold, but has been tested working up in to php version 8.
Since you are using the latest git version ( 2.3.1 was needed for vstore) it should run php 7.4.16.
Knowing that i might guess the issue is inside the version of e107.
Just tested and it seems something became broken ...
So sir or madam, helas you found a bug.. needs investigating.

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For now (please test) add  

define('e_DEBUG_JQUERY', 2);

to your config php. refresh your site/browser and test
Please note this is under investigation.... this option should be considered : less secure

Hope your still with us check https://github.com/e107inc/vstore/issues/190 for progress.. still debugging

Thank You so much! Now i can add products to shopping cart and going

forward to checkout. works fine.

only a pity that you can´t calculate the tax. crying

best regards Chris

Well it is possible for Europe (automatic), however most countries (afaik) used fixed rates.
Those are manual added into system. example 6%  = 0.06   ( using point, no comma) And if working properly, they should be a) listed b) calculated.
Tax rate is per product on input.
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