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Ok, so basically I am working on hand copying my composr cms powered site to a new e107 powered site. I like some of the things I'm finding better in e107, and well there isn't an importer for composr so I have to do it all by hand.

I've hit a bit of an obstacle however, one which I didn't expect to hit. It is that when I paste a page containing tables from composr to e107, if any of the words in said table have any color except black the words simply don't show up once I save the page. They will appear at first on the edit screen, but after I hit submit, the words disappear and when I go back into the edit screen they remain gone. It is like the tinymce editor isn't parsing colored texts if they are in tables. Note, this does not seem to happen outside of tables - there the words are just recolored black but at least the words are there.

Here is a screenshot to hopefully show you what I'm describing. The last image is the page in composr. The first image is the edit screen in e107 after I have already submitted the page and went back in. If you notice the Hunting row and the Increased Offense row on the left are missing text, and the Hunting one showing simply a bunch of commas. It simply acts like the colored text ain't there at all.

I'm hoping that there is a file I can edit to fix this? 

e107 version 2.1.8
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Issue solved in chat

Jimako @Jimmi08 06:34
otherwise: go to handler folders, open e_parse_class.php and find line ccs 3762 protected $allowedTags

Jimako, you sir are awesome.

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