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  • How to override header_default.php

    I’ve discovered an issue when viewing my site (which is not currently live) on a mobile display. I’m using a bootstrap (2) derived theme, and the navigation bar compacts down to a “Hamburger button” icon on small screen sizes. The trouble is, e107_core\templates\header_default.php is inserting a hidden modal form (with ID “uiModal”) into my page, and this…

  • Update core database structure error 2.2.1 -> 2.3.0 [closed]

    Hi, I just updated from 2.2.1 to 2.3.0 release.When I click the “Update core database structure” button in the Admin Center it shows me that the update was successful.However it also displays a warning: Warning Update Unsuccessful [ALTER TABLE `e107_forum` ADD UNIQUE `forum_sef` (forum_sef);] SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry ‘intern’ for key ‘forum_sef’…

  • Width of a sub-menu

    Hello to all, I have created an item in the horizontal bar of the menu. Let’s say it’s called “Item”. The dropdown menu contains 3 items (let’s say Item1, Item2 and Item3).Item1 is itself a dropdown menu containing 5 sub-items each with a title.The problem is that the width of this sub-menu is quite small…

  • [Solved] How to change the logo in browser tabs

    Hello, How can I substitute the e107 logo appearing in the left part of browser tabs by a personal logo? Thank you in advance for any help,

  • What is the best way to load old site data into a new site? [closed]

    Hello guys, First of all, any kind of help or tips will be very appresiated. The situation is this. I have a running e107 2.2.0 installation on production with many things on that, served at (is on spanish, and don’t have a great visual dessign, sorry for that) And I want to run a development instanse…

  • i download the spanisk language pack in a zip file now how to install it on my istem 2.3.0 please give me a hand..

    i made a clean istalation of e107 now i download the spanish pack . wanna know hot to install on my sistem for the frontend to display spanish language. thanks

  • I can not add google adsense

    I tried several plugins that I found on the Internet but finally nothing. I want to add google adsense to the web site. How can I do it? I would really appreciate it if someone could help to me. Thanks!

  • how to fix getting error 500 when posting new event

    Hi There, I haven’t worked with the event calendar up to now and am trying to post an event but getting an error 500. I’m the admin so it shouldn’t be a permission issue. Where would I find logs to determine what is going on here?

  • How to install / activate the election plugin?

    Hi There, I’ve tried direct uploading and installing from the admin centre a few times, I get the “sucess” message but the plugin doesn’t appear and searching again shows it not installed. I’m investigating online election software for an org I’m involved in and this seemed like a reasonable option. Is there a trick to…

  • User rights inheritance

    Hi There, I’m wondering if anyone can point me to the right place for docs or make suggestions. I need to do a tiered access with user, for different categories of members. Non-profile, has a board, executive, chairpersons, team leads and regular members. I need to have the follow structure, but I’m just not seeing…