Category: plugins

  • I can not add google adsense

    I tried several plugins that I found on the Internet but finally nothing. I want to add google adsense to the web site. How can I do it? I would really appreciate it if someone could help to me. Thanks!

  • how to fix getting error 500 when posting new event

    Hi There, I haven’t worked with the event calendar up to now and am trying to post an event but getting an error 500. I’m the admin so it shouldn’t be a permission issue. Where would I find logs to determine what is going on here?

  • How to install / activate the election plugin?

    Hi There, I’ve tried direct uploading and installing from the admin centre a few times, I get the “sucess” message but the plugin doesn’t appear and searching again shows it not installed. I’m investigating online election software for an org I’m involved in and this seemed like a reasonable option. Is there a trick to…