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  • Width of a sub-menu

    Hello to all, I have created an item in the horizontal bar of the menu. Let’s say it’s called “Item”. The dropdown menu contains 3 items (let’s say Item1, Item2 and Item3).Item1 is itself a dropdown menu containing 5 sub-items each with a title.The problem is that the width of this sub-menu is quite small…

  • [Solved] How to change the logo in browser tabs

    Hello, How can I substitute the e107 logo appearing in the left part of browser tabs by a personal logo? Thank you in advance for any help,

  • Does e107 collect my visitors’/users’ information/data?

    I am looking for a CMS that does not collect information or, at least, doesn’t collect my visitors’/users’ information. Also, the plugins/extensions shouldn’t collect such data either; or, at least, should disclose what data they collect and the uses of such data.Unfortunately, this information is not readily discovered. Can anyone inform me as to e107’s data…