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I am looking at going back to e107 after many years. It is looking great but I am finding  very little setup information.


Like I want to add local weather but it does not like just city and state. Does anyone know how to set it up?
e107 version 2.3.1
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HI, which plugin specific? remember , iff one from 'stock' maybe old code (due to php revisions) incompatability problems.
You can always create a menu with a widget f.e..
As for setup basically the same as the older ones; more checks involved (auto); image/file handling/storage is now in 1 place. Changes in pages use (partially ala old content).Ranking system expanded.
Yes even many has changed (by look and internal), working is still much like in 0.7 and v1. Some things may have a different approach, and been placed elsewhere..
Some visual steps (although dated)  here at YT

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