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I want to synchronize users over my systems with the same userid and password. Most systems have hash and salt to allow the new PHP login method (not MD5). Is there a function of some kind I can call to add a user and apply some basic rights?
e107 version latest from Git
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Not a real answer, but idea. I know not such thing...
But : how about a csv or excel file? based on a 'user'who already has some privileges (copy and change)?
In and out via DB?
Thank you for your answer. In my case I have a website build on E107, with a bugtracker and a service desk application. That is why I have a separate registration page that should create an account on all three environment. I managed it to the other apps, only not on E107.
Hmm unfamiliar  (for me that is), it points me to alt.auth use or alike..

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