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Hey folks! Could someone explain me whats the idea behind e_QUERY and how it works? I have seen it action in userposts.php and other files and plugins. I'm still intrigued.. what are the benefits to just using GET? Thank you!
e107 version 2.2.1
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Well not a really answer i guess, more an interpretation. One should ask a developer for what, why..
I always assume it as e_Qeury is a 'whole' of things (being all kinds of queries in 1 go) where GET normally is used for 1 specific query..Might be wrong, so when needed please correct me.

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e_QUERY are URL parameters, so they are visible.  With SEF-URL it is a bit complicated but it is still used.

With GET you need to know keys names. So it depends on your preferences. You can search closed issues for e_QUERY on e107 repo to get more information.  

e107 is managing e_QUERY for you, you can rely on it.  GET can surprise you :). Or I just don't have enough information how to set e_url addon to get all needed parameters as $_GET fields.

It is similar to e_PAGE vs e_ROUTE (new in 2.3.1).  e_PAGE still works but with SEF-URL and e107 routing, it is safe to use e_ROUTE.
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Where is e_QUERY defined inside e107? I mean in what file.

Search for



in application.php

and in e107_class2.php


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