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I've recently upgraded an e107 site from v1 to v2.3.0 (I know, I'm behind) and so far everything has gone as planned except that I keep getting logged out of the site after navigating a few times. I've ensured that all folder permissions are correct, date/time are in sync, not getting any PHP that are critical, all database updates are complete, and tried one of the recommeded fixes here by changing from cookie to session based with the same result. I also tried v2.3.1 but I still get the same result.

My setup:

Ubuntu 20.04


docker/nginx - 1.14.2

docker/php - 7.4

docker/mysql - 5.7


One thing that I have noticed is that I do not get logged out in my development environment like I do in my productions setup. My dev setup is the exact same as my production setup minus accessing the site via an IP address vs a domain name. I should also note that I am running the site through Cloudflare like I was with the v1 site. The v1 site didn't have issue even while being ran through Cloudflare.


Anyone have a suggestion to try?


e107 version 2.3.0
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Have you tried switching back to cookies, while also clearing your cookie cache on your system?
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For me personal it would be guessing here (this case) e107 on Ubuntu;nginx works.
But don't like php 7.4. Furthermore Cloudflare...??
As i do not use this kind of setup, i would more think indeed of caching or session problems or, since v1 and v 2.3 differ quite a lot. Cloudflare ip 'handling'. (same origin and alike)... But in case of cookie cache, even better was ALL cache related (even settings in admin on unused; not most nice one). Or security level (5) maybe to hard already (nahhh best not to tinker). And of course from dev to live.. is the site url (domain) properly set in site,and cloudflare... Though to tell here because everybody uses different things,, Although it is described as upgrading went ok, maybe a present v1 plugin has issues anyhow......
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