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Hello dear e107 users,


I recently intalled e107 (version 2.3.0) with the basic theme.

Initally in the menus bar, there is Welcome, About, Content, etc. In Content, the dropdown menu shows Article 1, Article 2, Article 3.

I added a fourth article. However "Article 4" is not shown in the dropdown menu of Content. I don't see what to do.

Moreover, how can I change "Article 1" (for exemple) into "Historique"?


Thank you in advance for your advices,

e107 version 2.3.0
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Article is just a page, called as a link.

Now you want to change the TITLE for Article 1 to Historique > easy:
Go in admin to custom pages/ page overview... find in first column the title name (Article 1)
Click on that title (it should open a little box... now just delete the content and put in Historique and save.
That is the easy part for changing the name. Using SEF you need to 'edit' the page OPTIONS. (admin/pages overview/click edit (most right) of the line containing Article 1. A new page overview should open, where bar 1 shows the pages content and bar 2 are the options for this page. In bar 2 you will find the SEF url..generate a new one (after title change) or fill in a 'link-name'you like to use.

Next adding to drop down :
On the page overview in front of the TITLE column is a number ( = ID) hover it (left bottom of browser screen displays the url) or manual :seen  it will be something like >  page,php?id=1. Nowing this... you NOW create a NEW link for your 'article 4' (it should have an ID too but uses of course another number..
This url ( page.php?id= ????  (article 4)) is needed for Sitelinks.
GO to admin/sitelinks=navigation and CREATE a new link.  Fill in the fields BUT be aware : you need to use a PARENT. (for you this parent will be CONTENT  (change evt. the order (bottom) to a level of 4 or 5 so it will appear on front bar at lowest position...

That is basically how it is done for the dropdowns.. Hope it is easy to follow

(Side note : iff you use multilanguage site, these steps follow each language seperate.!)
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Thank you very much tgtje.

It perfectly works. The only think that I forgot was the modification of the internal links. blush

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