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upload image, what system does this site use to upload images to the forum, this is very nice has many options, I would like to have it


this is wonderfull

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Do you mean images inside forum body text? It depends on wysiwyg allowed for forum and then option are done by user role in tinymce plugin. Image upload in tinymce itself is managed by media manager. Too wide question.

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The (this) site uses a different piece of website software called Q to Q (existing programm used for questions and answers.).
Although we use it for e107 related issues, it is kind of a stand alone application that has a lot build in. Being an open source project it was used to fill in a gap.

Refering to the image posted (from here?) the underlying piece if that of CKEditor.
E107 itself uses a TinyMce solution.

CKeditor had/was a plugin in version 1 also available (next to tinymce) but v2 followed a different path.
Both TinyMce and CKeditor are the largest pieces of soft which are competitors (Tiny somewhat more into java libs).
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Since the start of v2 i always use sometimes tiny, sometimes plain editor. However the whole concept of images and files (to display, download etc..) is run by mediamanager. This is all in one : (usage dependant) meaning if i need to use a ceratin image on different parts on the website 1 image is enough and coupled internal (by setting) so i can use it throughout (Could be displayed in Galery but also on news or as download  and so on.. When familiar with this much can be accomplished. You can create own names for 'containers  etc..etc.. manual pre upload, ftp upload (batch) or on the fly...Furthermore 1 thing rules all, so no 'where can i find it now?  '
Imagination is the key. And this one of the largest changes next to the use of pages..
What one preferes? Up to the user. CK would be  good too, but who is going to help with integration to the system.. From v1 to v2 a lot has changed, and it is not without effort, to get it running out of the box. Much is of course (esp. regarding uploads bound to strict security related things and behaviours).

thank you for great answer, i have only two opzion for my forun editor, 


which use

Then choose Tiny..easier for visitors, the overall site editor setting (plain vs tiny) is under admin/text downwards in list
ok good, thank you
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