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i made a clean istalation of e107 now i download the spanish pack . wanna know hot to install on my sistem for the frontend to display spanish language. thanks
e107 version 2.3.0
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Well first off : the Spanish (spanish)will be around 99% complete( up to date).
Unzip the pack on your pc. now the pack contains 1 main folder and inside 3 (sub)folders.

Iff you have NO Spanish onboard (i.e. English install) than you either upload the unzipped folders or use filemanager from cpanel or alike)

There is a trick to it when you wnat to use more languages.
This applies ALSO for e 107_themes AND e107_plugins folders.

For good working you should 'part' the zip file into the 3 folders>
First one folder e107_languages (this plain upload over onto the system folder e107_languages)

The next folder e107_plugins.(this plain upload over onto the system folder e107_plugins).

Third folder e107_themes. (this plain upload over onto the system folder e107_themes).
This method is easiest to do and makes (just through upload the described packages) the system folders to carry next to English a Spanish subdivision for each part.
ould you look back into the e107_language folder (system file server) it should now hold English + subs +files and identical Spanish with subfolder+files (same applies for themes and plugins.
So do this upload (after parting into 3) to the main systemfolders (drop).

When done and going into admin you should see that Spanish is available (as main language or whatever you prefer).
It is NOT sufficient to upload only for front (all intermixing parts could get language sentences from individual parts)

So visual interpret :
main e107_languages has
   English + internal
   Spanish + internal

all e107_plugins have (if lang is carried)
     English + internal (where needed)
    Spanish + internal (where needed).

all e107_themes have (if lang is carried)
     English + internal (where needed)
    Spanish + internal (where needed)
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