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We had a server with an old version of e107 on it crash. We rsync'd the e107 directory over to a new server. We dumped the database and then imported that database into a new database on the new server (using the same username, same password).

Unfortunately when we visit the site now, e107 won't load, but does display a message that tells us to edit the resetcore.php file so it can be used:

Line 359 /var/www/virtual/<removed>/htdocs/cms/class2.php

Error reported as: [3]: Core settings saved - backup made active.

Line 361 /var/www/virtual/deltabravo.net/htdocs/cms/class2.php

Error reported as: [4]: No core backup found. Check that your database has valid content. If not, please run the Reset_Core utility to rebuild your core settings.
After rebuilding your core please save a backup from the admin/sql screen.

After editing resetcore.php and running it, we get a login box. After logging in we gt this message:

[] Reset core to default values

( There is no backed-up core - unable to offer option to restore backup )


We select the only option, "Reset core to default values" and click the "continue button.

All that happens is that we get a "Rebuild failed ..." message.

If you made it this far, thank you. :)

What can we do next to try and get e107 working again? I know this isn't much to go on (technical details and versions below).

Thank you in advance for any suggestions you have to offer. We're just dead-bang stuck at this point and not sure where to go from here. frown



The e107 instance is circa 2012 or so, and is on a Debian 7 (wheezy) server running PHP 5.4.45 and mySQL 5.5.55-0+deb7u1 (Debian).

The server it came from had earlier versions of the OS, PHP, and mySQL. I don't know if that's an issue.

I'm not sure what the exact version of e107 is, but this bit is in all the e107 files:

    $URL: https://e107.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/e107/trunk/e107_0.7/e107_files/resetcore/resetcore.php $
|     $Revision: 11678 $
|     $Id: resetcore.php 11678 2010-08-22 00:43:45Z e107coders $
|     $Author: e107coders $


e107 version Not sure :(
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Thank you for this info; I'll look at the things you suggested and see if I can find anything that doesn't seem right.

"Please do use search function (on site here) and search for : update to v2. You will get the most important posts, (look for  v1 to v 2....)."

I'll do this, but would an upgrade work if the e107 isn't working? Maybe I misunderstand; are you saying it may be possible to upgrade it in it's current, not-working state?

Would an upgrade be a manual process, or...?



In your case manual (ftp), in combination with admin access.(new version can update live with github source)
However in this case i would strongly suggest to take a look at ver.php whch version it actually is
( best would be v 1.0.4 = latest v1 ) on a LOCAL situation (wampp etc..) FIrst iff v1.0.4 to v2.0 or 2.1  (can still be in a php 5.6 environment). (in short create wamp with php 5.6.3 and YOUR own files and databse), work with that
Run integrated udating, Save all (make backups in between) and move THAN to a newer php (like 7) and than upgrade to latest v 2.3. After some testing move to live server.
PS. the content page import resides in Import (setting).
Please just ask if more questions. 

JUST MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS HAVE BACKUPS !! (the original one is the most important one)
Iff you in no real hurry and it may take weeks, and you like to share your dbase+files PM me (clcik name)..I might be able to help, but as mentioned time is sparse, and the outcome needs still some tinkering on your own, since content import does make different things to the system


After a closer examination of the system, I discovered that the DB backup I had imported was corrupt or damaged and had almost no content in some key tables. (Not too surprising since it came from a crashed system.)

I was, however, able to dig up a much earlier backup and imported it, and it looks like e107 is running again. yes For the record, this instance of e107 appears to be running normally on PHP 5.4.45 and mySQL 5.5.55.

I think I'm at the point where it could be upgraded. I'm a little leery that some or all of the plugins will die, so I'm not even 100% sure that I should upgrade. (Although I now have saved copies of the current state so I could return it to that state if necessary.)

With that said, what's the best/safest way to upgrade from my version to the newest version?


As i mentioned, best way is to keep all you have. (as long as the server does not go beyond php 5.6.4  ) it should keep running. Higher version will have effect. Note : running the older versions of system and php will have risks, since much has changed, up to browser compatability thesedays.

Best way to do an upgrade, is as posted: do it in a local environment. You will probable loose your theme, but could use BS3 (core theme) use Cerulean 'look' to get some colour match(selectable).
The content plugin is the most important one for you > you would need the import function to 'convert'the content php pages to basic system pages. (could happen due to used editor) miss-alignment or wrong line endings happen.
Any images is somewhat trickier, but those i should worry about a little later (there are also posts that cover such).

So as mentioned and prefered local smaal step upgrade to a v2 (early ones) still in the lower php version.
After this and content is imported, switch to higher php ( best a 7.3 or so) , run tests and iff all functions, live server > higher php (eg 7.x) move. Your good to go for the future..(the github 2.3.1 version is already quite compatible for php 8).
Why all these php issues? > a) progress, security, new demands for present systems. So internal coding changes, especially for old plugins which often were not core files, but 'contribs' which often are no longer mantained or became to 'open in security' to go on.

Need more info, please ask

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