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Hi There,

I'm wondering if anyone can point me to the right place for docs or make suggestions.

I need to do a tiered access with user, for different categories of members.

Non-profile, has a board, executive, chairpersons, team leads and regular members.

I need to have the follow structure, but I'm just not seeing how I would set this up in e107? The second part is,

Secretary (and all below)

Executive (and all below)

Board (and all below)

Chairs (and All Below)

Team Leads (and all below)

e107 version 2.3.0
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Take a look here (little older but still appicable) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xmUVk8fKRU
to give insight (basic); what you want to do with it, is up to you..A lot can be changed, created adjusted..

Now suppose you have a certain user class that may do all, see all like Board (just think a userclass is a name you give it).
Just create them to your liking.
Now a second userclass is _below Board ; a next (ex. Secretary) one and so on..
Hierarchy listing Top to bottom > Top has most privileges , the lowest basic. !!!  (think staircase alike). 

So remember if you create a class Executive, and Board and Secretary should be able to see all in Executive, Board class and Secretary class  members must also be added to this new class Executive. (A Board member who accesses ALL has many classes he/she belongs to) 

What and how each user in a certain userclass may respond, see post etc.. can be set depending on what is used or like a page per item...

Example a posting from Board may be viewed by only Secretary : you set visibility to class Board (they post) AND Secretary may read that post (y/n reply ? )  All other classes will be excluded.. 
And so on..
I know it is a very basic description, but it is limited by your own 'imagination' or 'use for' . (Please do not confuse them with User Ranking)  

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