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Hello guys, again :)


Sinze the second halph of April, I am goting a extrange error to the Access of my syte.


My syte is



Requesting with that url, it works fine, but if you enter without the www, it only loads a blank page.



If you request it with curl, it answers fine, but with a content-length of 0, without any content.


The most extrange behabiour, if you add to the url a trailing slash, the site works fine!




Or directly the index.php or news.php page, loads OK.


What could be the problem?


The DNS configuration at my host looks fine.


e107 version 2.2.0 (git)
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Did some testing with webdev. indeed on url base there seems to be something going on.
Not sure why because you mention DNS records on site ? shouldn't this be ruled by/through your web-panel at Name.. ?.
Furthermore.. why does your site use webcache ? and not site theme (defia). also missing a lot of things looking at the source. (js manager etc..). Or did you enable all caching possibilities in system?

Since i do not know how Name works and functions, not a lot of help here.
I would suggest retracing your steps that gave these issues. (deleting things in system folder should not be the correct way, only if logs etc.. and dbase errors occur).

Also despite dev. uses a canonical url that also (maybe changed things) does not look to function as it did before last time i saw.
Looks like something changed overall indeed, but what ?
Just view source of working sites (urls) and compare.. you may see what i mean.

No clue ...


The dns records are configured on my hosting provider (siteground) and not directly with name. I changed the nameservers a lot of time ago, because sitegrounds nameservers are better.

And a lot of time ago; before when I start talk to you about the dev site.


About the kache, yes. all of them are set in on. System, js, db and tumbnail.


The kache are cleared about each two weeks, because it consumes a lot of Inodes with the time.



So, what you mean with webkache and site theme kache?

I only have seted in on the kache at settings/kache option on admin panel.




About the url setting, I removed all cNames on the dns records.

Only have two A records, one for tiflojuegos.com and other for www.tiflojuegos.com, bot of them pointing directli to the hosting shared ip.


All of DNS and domain options are cnfigured on siteground.


What other thing can be this issue?

The most extrange is it started without touching anything.


It starts at the middle of april, when the site stops loading if you didn't have a logged in session. It throws a php exception for a bad "'" character on one php log file at e107_system/{hash}/ folder.



Thanks for your help. If you know something more or dettect more things please guide me



Out of memory : you can enable 3 extra caches. Sometimes those enabled * time ago) did have influence on certain things.. Not heard of recently. If the site is very busy one should likely use them, but with basic use (lets say 50 visitors  or so a day) i think you gain nothing much. Personally i use none besides the 2 enabled ones..
Thta bad character in the log file however also means something(s) are not 'send' to dbase because of state.
Now it becomes difficult what happened at that time. 
This is what i meant previous, about system folder.. with logs sometimes it can occur, and deleting the log entries should normally be sufficient (losing some dbase info helas. mostly not critical.) In your case??.

I know you are troubled using upgrading, but just maybe a new git version (2.3.x) would be advisable.
Maybe that certain issue (unknown origin) is worked on or updated, It remains an open question.
Furthermore the newer git (not 100% compat yet) will run with php 8. and of course multiple files are newer than 2.2.0.

Let find out iff anyone else will reply with an idea or help.
(personally i would backup all (files and dbase) and start fresh or since backup exists.. directly upgrade. Any errors occuring after upgrade and not solvable>> put all from backup back. Of course little tricky iff you use custom changes on core files).



OK, I take your advice. I'll disable the system kache. Is the kache that more Inodes uses. aproximatelly on two weeks, it takes up to 200000 Inodes.


And that is much for my plan hosting.



Well, I'll try to play more with the dev syte. I have all the syte files backed up on to the master branch of the repository, so. I'll take a snapshot of the current database and try to update the site.


But if someone knows other option, please tell us. IS very extrange.


About the logs, the extrange was if you have your session logged-in, you can enter the site without problem. The bad character in logs appear, only if you access the site as guest.


that bug was solved deleting these log files.


But well. again, thanks for your support!
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