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Hi There,

I'm taking over a site from someone, and wanting some confirmation before I do an upgrade.

Currently at 2.2.1

Download 2.3.0 and unpacked the files

I don't see an upgrade.sql or anything, but wondering how I determine if sql updates are required as part of this install?

The information I've found is to literally just upload and overwrite the existing files on the server with the ones in the upgrade.

Looking for confirmation on this as I haven't found a "these are the checklist to update and here's things to look for" type info.


e107 version 2.2.1
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Basically this will be an automated process.
When an update (for dbase, like tables etc.) is needed, you will receive a visual/textual message when your logged in at your e107 admin area.
Each time you enter this panel ( on first entry) (with or without an update) you should notice on the topbar (active spinning glyph/icon) that checks iff a database (and/or upgrades if applicable) is needed or present.
Iff no message appears (spin stops) > nothing to do.
If an update is needed either database or apllication, you will be informed, and one follows (or not) the next steps.
Meaning : database update> yes you should act; / /    application up to you if you like or need.

However iff you are totally unknown yet with this (e107), i would suggest to backup the files AND database on forehand, so you can always revert. Why you might ask? iff you upgrade and some files were altered/changed in function for personal usage (example : deleted or added non core coding on files or templates) these will be overwritten, and so could/would influence that change and loose functionality. (people sometimes change things, and mostly remember after the upgrade took place. surprise)

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