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I'm using the gameplus theme for my website.

I placed login menu in Area 3 in the Menu Manager (gameplus dafualt template).:

It does show up as expected in my website:

When I click Sign Up, the Registration page comes up:

Here, when I choose 'Yes' and click 'CONTINUE', I am taken to a blank page:

So, basically, I am not able to get anyone to sign up to my website through this.

PS: Please note that, as an admin, I am able to add users through the Admin page. That's the "workaround" I m using right now. I'd be much obliged if someone can help me make the Sign Up option work.

e107 version 2.3.0
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Try this:

I know you wrote you were using 2.3.0, but your theme is a bit older (for 2.0), so maybe this could help. 



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I got the version from the "Credits" ...

Anyway, I did not find any signup_template.php file (other than that in e107_core/templates, which I guess shouldn't be touched).

I'm not sure if I have allowed user registration" ... Here are a couple of more screenshots...


Your registration setting is ok.

I just tried that theme (but with 2.3.1) and everything is OK (signup is displayed).

Don't you have installed some old plugins?

You can switch to bootstrap3 theme and check if it is theme problem at all or something else is wrong.

Are you using PHP 7.4 max?

These are my plugins:

I think I am using Bootstrap 3, and my PHP version is 7.3.27

@Jimako : version 2.3.1 had a commit on signup (although different issue for php 8)

Quick install of version 2.3.0 and gameplus no issues .
However it seems there have been changes made on the theme (looks)?,
Take a view at signup.php ( 1st click) or by url  > (use browser : view page source) the source reveals
aroung 900 lines.

Now click coppa > yes >and wait till blank appears > (use browser : view page source)
 the source reveals aroung 510 lines.
So somewhere (theme.php or css) something brakes it.. (maybe a closing div ?) can not tell from here.
Best to check those files in comparison with an untouched theme).
Replicating your looks (3 columns) has no effect here.

ps (Switching theme is meant sitetheme), but does have no effect here;   ps site checked : skiv..o.... ;-)
Yes. I can see the difference in signup.php after 1st click and coppa.

So, should I install version 2.3.0 again? If yes, how do I do it? (Please pardon my ignorance :-) )


So, it indeed appears that style.css might have been altered. I must've opened it some time and inadvertently modified something.


What should I do now?

Here's another piece of information. At the point when the blank page is appearing, the following message is appearing in the error.log file:

[17-Apr-2021 07:29:38 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Hybridauth\Exception\InvalidApplicationCredentialsException: Your application id is required in order to connect to Facebook in /home/omnibjwt/public_html/aikyavedika/e107_handlers/vendor/hybridauth/hybridauth/src/Adapter/OAuth2.php:243
Stack trace:
#0 /home/omnibjwt/public_html/aikyavedika/e107_handlers/vendor/hybridauth/hybridauth/src/Adapter/AbstractAdapter.php(109): Hybridauth\Adapter\OAuth2->configure()
#1 /home/omnibjwt/public_html/aikyavedika/e107_handlers/vendor/hybridauth/hybridauth/src/Hybridauth.php(141): Hybridauth\Adapter\AbstractAdapter->__construct(Array, NULL, NULL, NULL)
#2 /home/omnibjwt/public_html/aikyavedika/e107_handlers/vendor/hybridauth/hybridauth/src/Hybridauth.php(192): Hybridauth\Hybridauth->getAdapter('Facebook')
#3 /home/omnibjwt/public_html/aikyavedika/e107_handlers/user_handler.php(1135): Hybridauth\Hybridauth->isConnectedWith('Facebook')
#4 /home/omnibjwt/public_html/aikyavedika/e107_handlers/e107_class.php(1011): e_user_provider->__construct('Facebook')
#5 /home/omnib in /home/omnibjwt/public_html/aikyavedika/e107_handlers/vendor/hybridauth/hybridauth/src/Adapter/OAuth2.php on line 243


a) social login in use? relates to Facebook settings application id is required.

b) Iff you would update to  a new 2.3.0 , it will not help you.

The signup php displayed page is through the theme. If theme is incorrect, that is what needs to be fixed.
Take a new download for the theme (Gameplus) extract on pc, > on server rename style css for gameplus ('old one') and upload the style css from the new pack (from pc).
Than run tests if it working correctly.
When you know this ; and only iff you are not happy with the 'maybe new' look, find (by comparison) what exactly is different, and try to solve that.
In case you do want to upgrade the system, i would go for Github2.3.1.
If you are unfamiliar with that, please mention it, and will explain. But try to solve the signup first..
1 step at a time is the best method.
ps visited: did you switch off coppa? as signup displays..

Sorry, folks, for not responding soon.


My problem got resolved, when we turned 'OFF' the Social Login System. Sign Up works fine now.


Mind you, I'm aware that this problem might return if and when we want to use Social Login. Till then, I'll assume that there is a no problem.


We'll close this thread for now.
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