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For my website, I have created several pages and I have defined several Site Links, where I use URLs like page.php?id=10 

The pages seem to use only the default template from Menu Manager.. How do I use the other available templates?

Just for more info, I'm using the gameplus theme. All my pages only use the 'gameplus default (Default)' template. I would like to use the other available 'gameplus full width' template.

e107 version 2.3.0
closed with the note: I have a fair bit of understanding on what works, and what doesn't. Not a show stopper issue for now.
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Not that hard the image will explain it. Go to site-theme, below 2 areas; clink on the area (eg forum); it opens;
enter the link (your case id=10) > only this one or more?  or all (page.php/).

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No, because you are calling a specific 'thing' (being a page or alike.) to use the displaying piece in a template setting. ( not to technical explained)

The url news.php?list.21.0  as example is already a bundle of certain pre-settings.
Else : it is a link> as sitelink? (although will use its own (eg news) setting templates) or defaults.
(some will even change news templates in override..eg news templates to theme, but that is the hard way).

I think I understand what you're saying.

I was just thinking that if page.php/blah-blah-blah can work, why not news.php/yada-yada-yada ?

I guess with page.php they could be all different pages, but with news.php they are all just the same page (i.e., the news page, but filtered on cateogory).

Anyway, I now have clarity on what works and what won't. The question can be considered closed. Thank you for your response.

On the left site there should be help how to do it your way. You need correct order of layouts, default is used as last one. They are just urls, so if it works for pages, it has too for news.
On second thought, maybe it works with sef-urls and you are using legacy versions.
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