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I'm wondering if there's a way to use the media manager in admin area to manage media in a plugin internal folder, and not the e107_media folder...

Has anyone managed to use it outside of the e107_media folder?
If so, how?
e107 version e107v2.x
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Not officially supported. But it can be done when you use type method and you manually add needed code. For exampe... I use nuke topics image folder. I wrote script that rescan this folder and creates needed database records. Then I can use those images with media manager. Because I use Ftp only already because Nuke, this was simpliest solution. I had solution too when with new image uploaded I moved it to needed directory and changed urls in database. You need file handler for this, and there was always problem with paths, so I ended with solution above. As you get how admin ui works you can do anything you want. But it wasnt easy at all. .

@Jimako I see your point, and that's a lot of work.... Maybe i'll give it a try and write my own simple file handler.... If i've already wrote one for my 15k+ images management.... wink

@Jimako I ended up going your way, because i have fields that store the image path, but i migh need my solution also, because i have images linked to unique id's in database tables.
I know it's bad practice, but if i had another couple of field to only store the images urls, i would end up with a table of 20mb.....

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Normally afaik answer is no..  (never read a possibility or result on this, but i could be wrong?)
(tinymce has in open source mode like previous in (v 0.7 etc tiny 3 ) which could handle that) no more options for this (commercial mode only thesedays).

but : still alternative ?

Take a look at for example the new core plugin (hero or featurebox and alike).
They are possible to create a media category (img/file etc.).
Than you could evt. upload (ftp batch import) to this newly created category? 

downpart = changing the 'holder' not the (org)location.
Any new images would need to go in the 'holder' (MM), and keep a copy inside plugin images?
So iff the plugin folder/images is constantly 'changed' it will not be an automated thing.
it is basically a remock of issue posted here : https://www.e107help.org/2380/plugins-uploaded-images-let-media-manager-deal-with-them  (2016)

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