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I want to use the comments area for all my articles and posts.  But I have a list of over 700 cuss words I want to block.  The profanity filter is limited to only a few words in Text Rendering under Preferences.  I will make this a clean site free of hate speech and vulgarity one way or another.  Thanks.
e107 version 2.3.0
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Well i can point, not answer if it will work (as it is intended for 40 max, why 40 ?? ).
This is link to the changed setting, which you will loose when changing after update. If it disrupts any other ???.(as is).
Best to ask for this as an enhancement to get a kind of override that will not affect files after update.
github   < All i can provide

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This is currently not possible. The limitation is put there for performance issues. In case the current maximum number of 40 words is exceeded, the performance of your website will be negatively impacted. There is a way to avoid this, but that will require some changes in the code of e107.

I have submitted this as a feature request on Github (this is where we track bug reports and feature requests): https://github.com/e107inc/e107/issues/4387
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