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for some reason unknown to me... it doesnt work

print_r($sql); shows that it has all the sql info.. but no result

 $sql = e107::getDB();

if($result = mysqli_query($sql, "SELECT * FROM #games_reviews WHERE ID =".$reviewID)) //doesnt work




$sql->gen("SELECT * FROM #games_reviews WHERE ID =".$reviewID); //doesnt work


e107 version 2.2.1
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I answer with what i know and can see : If the posted code above is identical than : parse error : syntax error, unexpected token "}" in file on line 10 (the one before $sql)

Some info at what also may help https://www.e107.org/developer-manual/classes-and-methods/database
nothing seems to help


if($sql->gen("SELECT * FROM #games_reviews WHERE ID =".$reviewID))




         if(mysqli_num_rows($sql) > 0)



            while($row = $sql->fetch())



         <?php echo $row["Title"];  //removed most of the code because of character limitations in this post






mysqli_num_rows breaks to code for some reason

$sql->gen works in here... $result = $sql->gen doesnt work. Am I missing something?

the code by itself works.. trying to integrate it into the e107 environment everything kindof.. brakes

I can not help you further as i am not familiar with retrieving data, so you could a) wait untill someone else answers or be bold and b) ask on gitter chat  e107inc/e107 - Gitter (link to this post?) .

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As mentioned by Tgtje, take a look at the developer manual here: https://www.e107.org/developer-manual/classes-and-methods/database

In your case, you can use the following code: https://gist.github.com/Moc/4f4842ff0ad96bd6bac91cf71a39f853
(EDIT: see link)
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thanks for answering! are num_rows and while row irrelevant using this approach?
Yes. Actually, within the if loop I posted above above, you'd probably need to use something like foreach() to loop through the results array. See this code: https://gist.github.com/Moc/4f4842ff0ad96bd6bac91cf71a39f853
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