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url to my site is www.harvestmoonparadise.com

Everything was working fine before updating, but after updating my entire content section disappeared. I then tried to login the admin area to see what is going on and I get this error when logging in:

This page isn’t working

harvestmoonparadise.com didn’t send any data.


So then I tried to go back to a database from January 17th that was in working condtion and after I did that the website is completely messed up to where it only says : No news items at the moment - please check back soon and nothing else is displaying.

When trying to go into the admin area again I get the same ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error.

e107 version 2.3
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Use  domain/e107_admin/ there you can login the page shows... so guessing you have to see if you need to update  internal settings (core etc.. dbase tables).

I do not know if this is what you did 
Advice for small test ((by ftp or alike)  rename your BS3 theme(backup), upload from a pack a new BS3 theme (no more, no less) clear cache of browser and try again.
Why??? take a look at domain/submitnews.php  you see what i mean.

Unknown error java.lang.Exception: /hmpb/e107_themes/hanging/style.css?0: Not Found
Unknown error java.lang.Exception: /hmpb/e107_web/js/selectize/css/selectize.css?0: Not Found 

In regards ( i do not see this at yours) but worth mentioning = under investigation https://github.com/e107inc/e107/issues/4356

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I reinstalled that theme and the e 107 2.3 files again and now I get:

This page isn’t working

harvestmoonparadise.com is currently unable to handle this request.



Well 500 = internal server error, so likely there is a mistake in your code somewhere.
Looking at the site the theme does not load all, so maybe there lies an issue (missing div or alike).
As the theme looks like a replica or changed v1 theme, issues may arise as internal coding can be out of date (php).
I do see some older ?? (content plugin) is in use, and do not know if this is the old one or an updated (not by e107 as no longer in pack) and not knowing if (there was a rewritten asfaik) it is available.
All that (older plugins etc..a v1 version php up to 5.6.3) can influence things running the latest designed to run php 5.6.4 UP. 2.3.0 for php7 compat, where latest development being developed to run under php8.

As those i can not overlook where it goes wrong with your site, i would suggest switching the theme (test) to BS3  and when it asks override settings select NO.
Then look if anything change.

How do I change the default theme to BS3 when I can't login the admin area?

This is the page that theme was downloaded from:


(alternate possible solution)
best to backup the database first in case errors happen,

go into database ( phpmyadmin or alike)
find table : e107_ core 
in this table (explore) you will find 2 records : SitePefs and Siteprefs_Backup
click change 1 by 1
In each new page in the listing you see a lot of lines.
halfway down you will find   'sitetheme' => 'hanging', > now (example) change it to   'sitetheme' => 'bootstrap3', (or Voux)
(Bootstrap (BS3) or Voux should exist in your themes folder) hit start/run >
Do this for both records identical.
Best to clear cookies and cache from browser, and go to site and check if it runs.

If this does not help please share your version you used before the upgrade. (maybe possible to overwrite FILES with the old version where it worked. (no change to database!!)

I tested Hanging on the latest V2 and it will NOT install (not compatible).

Ok in that section it actually showed the theme as 'e107v4a' not hanging but regardless I changed it to, but anyway I changed it to bootstrap3 yet on the site I still see hanging even though I changed it and cleared cache etc
(As for e107v4a vs hanging (you mentioned another dbase used, so there would have been issues too?)
Anyway both are not up to standards for v2. and if dbase would hold V4a, than hanging should not be running....all very strange; best to test again with v4a (as was in dbase) (although incomp) , as it uses different layouts (displays different)..

I can see more errors now, although theme (hanging) is present..
This looks like can not be solved by communication.
I could help but that would be having access on all levels (dbase,server (ftp) and admin privileges).
That is up to you. (ps never credentials in public in case this would happen but pm).

But question still is unanswered > what where you running before the upgrade?and do you have any backups? Did php versions change? (can you switch back to php 5.6 f.e.)
Preferable database(s) and files.
The google ad thingie is also an issue that could havoc..again insure.

I now can see more errors going through pages like (Fatal error: Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function) it all seems to point to plugins in use (older ones messing up) that conflict with shortcodes (maybe theme has/uses them,>  'hanging' uses such and plugins?? ).
All in all pinpointing is too difficult as there have been incompatible changes or update routines which can be versions from ..to  or php version issues..
Long story short I made this site in geocities in 2002. When geocities shutdown I needed a new place to go and a friend recommended e107 because I could build a lot better site than just the crummy one I had using the geocities wizard.

Anyway in 2008 he helped me set it up using the dab_08 theme but the problem was he edited a lot of the theme by altering the css so everytime e107 had an update I would have to be careful which files I updated or it would overwrite the css. Anyway fast forward to 2014 or so and I changed the theme to the e107v4a but when I did that it competely broke the site somehow and moc from the e107 help forums had to login my cpanel and change a couple things to fix it.

Anyway site was running fine up until about 2017 but then all of a sudden the content boxes wouldn't save. No matter what I did everytime I would make an edit and hit save it would delete eveything I put in there like I never wrote anything and it would process the content box blank. So the only thing that would work on the entire site was the news post so I made a couple of those here and there. Anyway the site laid mostly unchanged from 2017 to now because I couldn't edit or create any content boxes, but the site was still viewable and the information could be read to visitors.

Anyway fast forward to a week ago I have a second website on the same server that I co-run with another person. He is in charge of paying for the domain name for that one. Anyway the domain name came up for renewal and he didn't pay it so it expired and godaddy sold it at auction. I tried to win it back but I got outbid and it sold for $70. So I purchased a new domain name and asked the host how I migrate eveything. They told me to change the php version from 5.6 to 7.4 and to update Wordpress to its most current version. When I did that all the images broke on the website in the main frame( the side frame images still work) and I haven't resolved that either. So at the same time when I did this I was on e107 2.1 and saw that there was an update so I updated it to 2.3. When I did that all my news and content items disappeared. So the host suggested I reload the database backup from January 17 (a day that the website completely worked) I did that and after doing that it broke the admin menu and the news and content items still are missing. So now both websites are broken and the host is throwing their hands up in the air and calling it "resource limit problems."

Anyway yea if you want to look at it I have no problem giving you access let me know if you have any other questions.
Ok, read something : the change to 7.4 is probably the culprit here in combination with the content plugin. And of course a non compatible theme (some stiil work, most not anymore because of the coding).
In short : workaround : will take some time...No need for credentials:
Could you create a zip of all files and the dbase (17th).so i can create a mirror on local for testing.
No need for admin etc.. i know the way to do so.
Please do NOT delete anything as this could invoke certain things. Privacy is promised.
So notice, some time will be needed, but am willing to test.
Outcome will be posted;  please by PM using something like wetransfer or alike or a place i could download.
Ok so you want the january 17th database of the E107 website and the root folder for this website correct? No rush like i said the site wasn't updated much if at all for 3-4 years so its not like I had much new.
I sent you everything links to download what they are etc.
Thank you ; received.

Issue resolved; related to misbehaviour of dbase >outcome result and some old plugins/user interaction
dbase contained a doubled structure with different prefixes. 
Not a real issue due to e107, more related to user interaction at a point in time. (unintentional install instead of update) ??

Please close if you are happy with result. (edit title with [solved] )


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