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url to my site is www.harvestmoonparadise.com

Everything was working fine before updating, but after updating my entire content section disappeared. I then tried to login the admin area to see what is going on and I get this error when logging in:

This page isn’t working

harvestmoonparadise.com didn’t send any data.


So then I tried to go back to a database from January 17th that was in working condtion and after I did that the website is completely messed up to where it only says : No news items at the moment - please check back soon and nothing else is displaying.

When trying to go into the admin area again I get the same ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error.

e107 version 2.3
closed with the note: site was corrupted; restored to working state, user interaction on some items required
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Use  domain/e107_admin/ there you can login the page shows... so guessing you have to see if you need to update  internal settings (core etc.. dbase tables).

I do not know if this is what you did 
Advice for small test ((by ftp or alike)  rename your BS3 theme(backup), upload from a pack a new BS3 theme (no more, no less) clear cache of browser and try again.
Why??? take a look at domain/submitnews.php  you see what i mean.

Unknown error java.lang.Exception: /hmpb/e107_themes/hanging/style.css?0: Not Found
Unknown error java.lang.Exception: /hmpb/e107_web/js/selectize/css/selectize.css?0: Not Found 

In regards ( i do not see this at yours) but worth mentioning = under investigation https://github.com/e107inc/e107/issues/4356

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Ok so you want the january 17th database of the E107 website and the root folder for this website correct? No rush like i said the site wasn't updated much if at all for 3-4 years so its not like I had much new.
I sent you everything links to download what they are etc.
Thank you ; received.

Issue resolved; related to misbehaviour of dbase >outcome result and some old plugins/user interaction
dbase contained a doubled structure with different prefixes. 
Not a real issue due to e107, more related to user interaction at a point in time. (unintentional install instead of update) ??

Please close if you are happy with result. (edit title with [solved] )


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