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I want to implements my html theme from themeforest into E107v2, but i cant find where if produce HEADERF and FOOTERF in e107 v2?

into custom page i use this code:



eFront::instance()->getResponse()->send('default', false, true);



where can i change HEADERF and FOOTERF?
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The simple answer is: you cannot change HEADERF and FOOTERF. Instead, you need to ask more specifically about the thing that you want to change. 

HEADERF and FOOTERF are defined in class2.php, and refer to the e107_core/templates/header_default.php and footer_default.php files. 

It is strongly recommended that you do not change these core files. Instead, please let us know what you'd like to change in these files. Most likely e107 will have a method build-in which you can use instead. 

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I am no themer, correct me if i am wrong, but as far as i know you do not use it in theme builds ( or porting as question seems to relate to), (as it is a core 'function' to call header piece/-s). Used most of times to contruct a way of plugins to activate (or bind) into the overall system.
It is also used to create standalone pages to take advantage of the them working, without adding a lot of coding.

I would suggest visiting e107sk. com and take some time to read. Maybe you can gain things you can use or get ideas from.
https://github.com/e107inc/e107/wiki/Creating-a-custom-script is an example how it normally is used. 
And of course https://e107.org/developer-manual.


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Too late. Knowledbe base is deleted and new one will be there after 2.3.1. Maybe. My advice is to look at already ported themes and learn. Freelancer or now agency are good examples. With new rules already. Not sure now if there is still video tutorial for this, I forgot theme name... But I am sure that there are infomation available how to do it.

@Jimako I know the pieces related to theme (detailed).., but forum (at yours) is also a source for ( yes and no useable in certain aspects) info, hence  the link..wink

@tgtje oh, I know you know this stuff very well, it was more for that guy above... sorry I was on mobile.
No problem, if i know a source that could hold info..always glad to share
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