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When I create a page with text in the text editor, I save it.  When I go to edit the page again, there is no text.  The editor is blank, but the website page shows the original text I created.  How can I fix that?
e107 version 2.3.0 upgrade from 2.2.1
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To narrow it down: what theme are you using or test changing the a) admin theme b) site theme (core one) select NO when theme change on overwriting (it will be asked)c) use plain editor or change to wysiwig..Outcome is needed..
Thank you
I also suggest clearing all caches (Settings > Cache), especially after an upgrade.
Using the bootstrap 3 default admin theme and Basic Light site theme.  Now I found tht I cannot find anywhere to set the admin theme.  I only have the home icon to set the site theme.  I changed the site theme to Bootstrap 3 and flushed the cache.  Still the same problem.

I found that if I log in as admin, then go to an article and click the edit icon, all my editing issues are solved from that point on until I log off.  I set up a test website and there is no such issue.  Will probably have to settle on doing a backup and then a full install of e107.
Switch to source code in tinymce buttons to see html content in your text. For admin use bootstrap3 dark version, no other. Check console tab for any javascript error. With tinymce4 plugin this should not be possible. Something is changing color of your mce classes. Only way I know is with my custom plugin tinymce but it wasnt available for free download.

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