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I have setup visual captcha on my site. To log in it works fine. However it also replaces the regular image code. But on the contact page I do select the correct image, but I always get the error message 'incorrect code entered'. Somehow it still expects a code. How to overcome this?

If I unset the capcha from the preferences, then there's a text captcha on the contact pages, where this is suppressed on the given pages. It's not making sense to me ;-)
e107 version latest from github
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As there were earlier issues (though closed) you always can post here : https://github.com/e107inc/visualcaptcha/issues

And/or maybe other users have answers?? They are welcome to reply
That's why I put my questions and remarks here first before posting them to the bug tracker. I simply could have done things wrong.

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Please, see:  https://github.com/e107inc/e107/issues/3980

I don't use Visual Captcha, but CaMeRon thinks it works correctly and you just confirmed that it didn't.  If you create an issue in the VC repository, link it with this issue, please. I still think that problem is in the core because I had similar issues with Recaptcha on the contact page too (only on it)

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