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[e107- v2 / voux theme]

I would like to upload several scientific papers and one book (pdf) on my site so that  "téléchargements" (i.e. downloads in EN) can enable visitors to download them. I dont see how to do.


Thank you in advance for your help.

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Uploading PDF files also depends on your PHP.ini settings.

In your "php.ini" file, search for the file_uploads directive, and set it to On.

Depending on your host, changing these two PHP variables can be done in a number of places with the most likely being php.ini or .htaccess (depending on your hosting situation).

For example, to increase the limit on uploaded files to 10 MB:

  • Add the below to the relevant php.ini file (recommended, if you have access). Note that for some hosts this is a system-wide setting. However, for hosts running PHP as a CGI script with suexec (for example) you may be able to put these directives in a php.ini file in your hosting environment.
    • upload_max_filesize = 10M
    • post_max_size = 10M
  • Add the below to your .htaccess file in your e107 root folder.
    • php_value upload_max_filesize 10M
    • php_value post_max_size 10M

The PHP documentation states that the memory_limit setting also affects file uploading. Generally speaking, memory_limit should be larger than post_max_size.

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A pdf is identical in behaviour as any other file one can upload. However, you need to be allowed as it is not a 'basic' file like jpg etc.
In system folder(server) in the hashed (numbrs) folder you can find the filetypes xml  (in 0.7/v1) this was the filetypres_php).

You need to add pdf as allowed extension and save ( example displaying >  zip,gz,jpg,jpeg,png,gif,xml,pdf) Make sure the size of pdf is correct OR change the maxupload too. Save. ..... ( no, not in admin possible...already enhancement talks)

Go in admin and check in list if it is present (so allowed) and size also is changed. All fine?
Treat  the pdf like all others downloads you add.

(the file can be put by ftp in the import folder of system/hash/..latest: normally for batch uploads used) and treated in / or manual ( single/few) upload in media manager)
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Thank you tgtje for your reply.

Technically, there is no problem (I think).

www => e107_system/60c060ebd0 => filetypes.xml contains "pdf" (amongst other types of files) with a 2M maximum size which looks sufficient.

Actually the problem is that I don't know how to submit a pdf file within the administrator board.

I see:

  • Articles
  • Menus
  • Welcome message
  • Dowloads
  • Uploads

If I select "upload" I obtain a page indicating no proposed uploads.

If I select "dowload", the lateral part of the page contains:

  • Manage
  • Create
  • Categories
  • Create a category
  • ...

Probably my question is simplistic... but I don't know how to proceed in order to fill the "Téléchargements" page of my site, so that visitors can dowload some pdf files.

I need some basic help....

Just like forum structure.
You have a) main parent (container name) ala PDFs (just example)
Inside Pdfs you create another b) child (container name) this child (Telefolder 1).
Now IN this child (Telefolder 1) you put the pdf.:

well this will help i guess> voila in French  wink .. just follow the action (it is for impression from a test-site) : movie link (note: access will be deleted in a few days/weeks) 

The part of links for Download (end of movie) is because i normally switch download off, but made it accesible for displaying what it would look like (theme view is always dependant on ...)


Thank you very much, tgtje, for this excellent "howto" (the movie is very helpful).

I noted every step on a file.

I haven't managed to fill my download page yet ("Aucun enregistrement trouvé") but it may be due to a bad "Téléchargements" category I created myself. I am not worried. A little concentration and it should work.


Many thanks again! smiley


[I downloaded the video]


It perfectly works. Great (in particular in French!).

Many thanks, tgtje.

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