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We have multiple books, chapters and pages. And we have them listed under a drop down list on the top menu bar.


My question revolves around the fact that anyone typing in: ourdomain.com/page.php will see every book, chapter and page all scrambled together on one page. It is not that we don't want people to see the books or pages. We just don't want them all listed together on one page that we have no conrol over.

Is there a way to hide the website/page.php from the public OR control what is viewed on that page?
e107 version e107 Version 2.2.1, Site Theme BS_Magazine_01, PHP Version 7.2.34
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List Page is not selected. That is off. 


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Admin > 

Pages/Menus  Options

List pages if no page selected

(first item)

This should display that page listing is disabled calling page php.

However best to check if there is an influence on possible page structures alike a listing IN a page with page links...

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Thank you for responding.

We already had the "List pages if no page selected" set to off.

"check if there is an influence on possible page structures alike a listing IN a page with page links"

We do have pages with links, but the links are not to any of the same pages as content in other books,

We have a total of 8 books, with as many as 20 chapters per book, so with every book, chapter and page listed, it makes for quite a bit of confusion to any guest that would see this page.

Ok, it is how you want it to display.
I do guess it is not page php (should when off not display any links/chapters/pages).
But when clicking the main link ?
Example : let's say  your link (bar) > Content has url page.php  (options setting Pages/Menus = off) > now all down (link setting page of Content) you have got the Function field. Give it a setting like > All books.
Play with this field. And check the outcome.  Plain url on page php (domain/page php should display Page listing is disabled, but clicking Content should display the settings made controlled by Function field.
The combination of url's function general AND per page can be used to achieve very different outcome (s).
You have to test and discover what is possible (and to your liking). It is versatile of nature. (and thus sometimes grrr... ha... i always considered this (newer piece of Pages) a little gem.

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Are you using sef-urls for pages?

Is not clear, but page.php (without e_QUERY) uses chapter_template.php and key "listBooks" and pages without chapters use listPages key.  So just remove {CHAPTERS} shortcode should help.

So you can manage this with a simple template changing.

But setting that prefs off should be enough to display nothing. THIS IS REALLY WEIRD, so you are talking probably about something else.
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agree @Jimako. I do not think sef does it. Direct call (absolute url) should behave like members only (kind of), when in off mode
This just happened to me...  Book/chapter/pages...  both prefs OFF

In breadcrumbs, you get links to display book and its chapters . Is this correct? I suppose that yes, but in this case, I would like to remove them (yes, templating, but it is complicated)

page.php or /page/ display off message.

I'll try to explain (mind i have to translate thoughts into English) It is what is needed/wanted.
To explain more : page php called by full url points to the CORE page.php. So the OFF setting creates a kind of 'htaccess' to the code used inside page php. (a)

Kind like: invite/force visitors to actually visit the site, to see what content is present.
The pages : books/chapters etc.. are different in function. (b)

Where (a) is merely a method/setting to activate all belonging to pages
(b) is the actual 'outcome' of what is done ('build') inside the 'page' container.

Breadcrumbs are a displaying item/setting. (to be seen when system 'runs'.).
So for all in this issue post, it has to be specified.
Always best (by structure) think book like.page php (core) is in hierarchy the cover/compilation of,
Inside admin> pages/menus etc.. are the actual booklets created, each booklet divided in chapters and each chapter has content (text to read).
If you think deeper the actual naming in contrast to a real book, that Pages uses books as a main title (like book1 in a series. The so called chapters are basically the actual pages of a book (as a book normally contains more chapters) and so on...

So breadcrumbs are a way to pinpoint a spot (direct link to), but which one will be seen or displayed is in itself controlled by the Visbility setting of each being a book or a chapter or page..!!

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