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Hello guys again,


So, now I have problems with the forum.


I got upgrade my development site to the latest commit of git, and all things works fine, except the forums.


When you enter to the forum link, aparentli all things are OK. the forums  list appear without issues; but when you try to enter to any forum of the list, the page reloads the forum list, instead of display the thread list of that forum.


If you got to enter directly to a thread, using the last post section, or the listnew plugin, the thread is displayed correctly.


For more explanation, I have the site in a repository, and the latest version is on the development branch, and the working (2.2.0) is on the master branch. If I checkout to the master branch, the forum works again.


So, what is the problem?


I forgot update something or what?


If I turn on the debug mode (with the querystring) this appear when you try to enter to any forum:



    [e107_tzOffset] => 180
    [newtfjcookie] => 7.0172d8590b2336a23bbb7fa9ae657313
    [devtfjcookiesession] => 7.0172d8590b2336a23bbb7fa9ae657313
    [devtfjcookiesessionSID] => bfpv0458uml4vd5t2noj3vjukg80re5l82q8sdso2cb3kbncufj7c408ds8hsfl8mqf2hp3kncp6f6n0gl7acgkq04oj5h4r4hk9kj0
    [e107_debug_level] => level=32768
    [sef] => traducciones-de-juegos
    [p] =>
-------/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewforum.php Line: 109 forumId: 0




Any help will be apresiated.


Thanks guys.
e107 version 2.3.0 - git
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Since i do not know where it happens exactly, i went to visit tifoljueges.
I can go to whatever forum thread i want, so i can not see any issues there EXCEPT language errors.
LAN's are not represented, and it is a fact that when language is not up to date, errors might appear as some rewriting (html deletion etc... too much to tell) can cause an effect. Visted as guest.

So try to get the latest files https://github.com/e107translations and try.
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Hello and thanks for your answer!


Hum, did you entered to the main site? or to the development site.


The main site (with the old 2.2.0 e107) works fine. The problem is at


that is the development site, current with the latest git version.


On that, when you enter to the forums, you can't enter to any thread list.


About the translations, thanks! We have to update it :)


If you can check something different on the development site, please tell me; for that we cant update the main site; is the last locking problem that we have.


Thanks again!

Well  iisues found first Forum is there 2 times  also Downloads  !!!! 

1 link is wrong ( Enlaces Externos)
Foro and Descargas use plain url linkage (like v1 ..plugin path) as Forum and Downloads use SEF.
So there is something  offf (use yes or no SEF).

No issues entering forum or foro ....

You have some checks to run .....
Do you have Caching Enabled (running) what happens turning it OFF ? Needed?

Hello @tgtje thanks for your support!


Well, after your repply I've continued doing more testing, and really this is very rare.


If I enter to the forum without logging, it works without problems. I can enter to any subforum, open threads, etc.


If I log-in to any account (using the users panel of the administration and using the button of loggin-as-selected-user) the forum works too!

But, If I sign-in with my personal account, that have admin rights, the forum issue appear again... What is happen here?


And well. With other testing stuf, I deleted all the cache content and set it to off, and try to disable the developer mode... result? The sign-in form of the main site disapear, and if I try to log-in on the admin page, or forcing to enter to the regular sign-in page, after enter my credentials says that doesn't match with any registered user... what? The row in the database of my user can be corrupted?


Sorry for the long post; if you know something, please tell me to try that. If i can't found anythin, well... restore database backup to continue playing with it.


Again, thanks for your valued support.
Hmm,  maybe your password SETTINGs is wrong. In v2 you can use different types to encrypt the password.
Maybe here is something wrong.. (use md5 for testing).

Easy test (well easy..) go into dbase, find your PW, copy it, find a md5 hashing site (decrypt/encrypt)
Paste your pw and see the outcome (since you know your own pw, when diff.. hey somethings happening.
Do i like this test... not really, but a pw is encrypted...no way to access it else).
In case i need to use such..i change my pw afterwards to be sure.

Second : just test and create a new account, make this one an admin too. If that works (diff admin), i can explain somewhat further. Too sensitive what to do next public.

Or access granted as admin to take a peek (needs  full admin rights). If so.. not on forum but PM.
Hello again :)


Sorry for the late reply and well; thanks for your valued support.


Well checking the config direct on the e107_core/pref table, bad news; the passwords are encripted with php default, so. Saaad.


For chec again all the process, I Will delete the database and restore the previews state to get a working state again ;) So, is a dev syte so dont have problems on destroying / recreating the db again.


Well, for more questions I cant PM you?


To talk with more sensitive data :)


Again, thanks for your valued support. Sorry for the late reply.
No problem. PM is possible, just click on a username in the post and from there you can.
Just check it, i send you one so you can see it.
Thanks! I saw it!

I answer you telling what is the current state of the monster jaja.


Is continuing giving to me more problems, but... well.
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