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Hello guys,


First of all, any kind of help or tips will be very appresiated.


The situation is this.


I have a running e107 2.2.0 installation on production with many things on that, served at http://www.tiflojuegos.com (is on spanish, and don't have a great visual dessign, sorry for that)


And I want to run a development instanse at other url for testing and development purposes, for check compatibility with the latest git commit version of e107 before upgrade production, but with a similar database that the original, in a different schema.


So, what is the correct way to copy the data from the production database to the test database?


I've tried various things, but nothing works without issues. I've tried using the export function at the tools/database menu in admin page, but after install the development site, the tools/import option didn't work. The page uploads (aparentli) the XML file (the size is aprox 40MB) but nothing is imported.


The other option that i've tried, was get a dump of my production database (with mysqldump) and next, load that dump in a empty database, and point the development site to that new database with the dump loaded. Aparently works with various issues, but when I want to log-in to the site with any user, the page don't log-in and not create the session.

If I put a wrong password, it dettects the wrong password and launch the correct alert, but when the login is correct, don't say anithing bad, and returns to the same page when you are trying to login, so... Didn't work.


Sooo, what I'm doing bad?


Are some tables that I not have to import with the dump? the dump aren't the correct way?


The import feature currently isn't working?


Please any help will be fine.


Thanks soo far, and sorry por the long post!


e107 version 2.2.0 (git)
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Please read the following posts first, folow the links in the second posted links too !!.
If still running in problems, please mention it.
We can look further after that.



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Thanks for the links :)


Following that I got install the new syte with the old data, and update it to the latest e107 git version :)


I have a few problems with other stuf, but this is for other question.


But well, finally my problem was create a installation before upload the dataDump. And, I forgot remove the e107_system/hash/cache content, so after upload the dump, when I enter to the site, it loads configurations data from the cache, and the database got a mix between imported configurations and the new configurations getting asite on that you cant log-in, but was fixed thanks your help.


Again ¡thanks!
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