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Is there somewhere a document explaining how to install and configure GeShi (Generic Syntax Highlighter) for e107 v2 ?

From the v1, I had Geshi installed (simply the folder downloaded from the site copied into the e107_plugin) and I remember that, with the help of someone in the e107 forum, we installed it to make it work, and highlight the syntax when using the bbcode [code]

When migrate to the v2, the folder stay there, and to my (good) surprise, I found a setting in "Parameters -> Text rendering" : Use Geshi for syntax highlighting?

However, it's not working as expected ... there is a lot of "noise" (sorry, I can't find a better word) in the result and the code is unreadable.

When I unactivate Geshi (or delete its folder) the code is readable again but not highlighted (in color) anymore

My version of Geshi was a little bit old so I downloaded the last one from the official github https://github.com/GeSHi but with this one, the page is not rendered at all (completely white)

I searched in the doc section of e107.org, without success .
Can someone provide me a link to the correct page or explain me how to make it work correctly ?


e107 version Version 2.2.1
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I don't think it is used.   

I asked the same thing as you:

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I don't understand this

I got answer that tinymce is doing this (so geshi is not needed). Than tinymce was fixed here:

You have to explain me how !
if you talk about the "code" button, it do only dirty thing ....

I'm almost sure that my installation of Geshi can work, probably not a lot to change
I want to reactivate my xdebug, but as far as I remember, the code of e107 is really dirty and generate of lot of error from xdebug ....

Sorry, I know only what was written at that issues

The first issue, see

TinyMce now includes a format for syntax highlighting.

and it was closed.

Then I tried after changing the theme, I found issue and they fixed it.  

But I have only the information you can see at the other issue.





I'm sorry, but sometime things aren't so easy for me ...

I finally understood what is "prism" that you talked about and the related plugin for TinyMCE.

I downloaded prism.[js|css] into my theme and modified theme.php to have them loaded with the page (and I checked that it's work)

Now on this page https://www.tiny.cloud/docs-4x/plugins/codesample/   they talk about activating the plugin in tinymce.init ... I assume in ./e107_plugins/tinymce4/wysiwyg.php !

However, all "tinymce.init" are commented in this file ... so can you explain how to activate this plugin , please ?
and btw, I don't see any "codesample" in the plugin folder ....

I feel that I miss a mandatory information here

Hi, no, I didn't talk about TinyMCE. I don't think it is possible to extend it this way.

I talked about


and adding it to the theme.php

But this is a workaround again.   Go to gitter


and try to talk directly about this.

There has to be some way how they do this on e107.org
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