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Last night my forum was hacked with a lot of porn entries. There is no user account, so the hacker has found a way to add elements to the database without making a logon. That sounds like a security breach. I'm running the latest release, does anybody have experienced the same, is there something I can do except closing the forum?
e107 version latest from git.
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Sorry, my bad. One of the moderators had made a few forums and forgot to set the rights well. By default the forums are open to anyone, so no account was needed to post. Corrected that, and I expect no issues any more.

(Isn't it a good idea to set the security by default to members or admin instead of anybody?)
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If you use google, you will find the most hatefull article against e107 is exactly because this. Nothing was changed during long time.
If I remember this had been changed since since 2.2.0 but for sure in 2.3.0.
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