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unfortunately the IRDJ Schedule v1.2 plugin no longer works


Is there someone who can develop it further?

PHP-Version 7.4

e107 version 2.3.0
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You could ask here e107inc/e107 - Gitter , not sure anyone will answer( holidays are also running).
you could try it yourself; lot of old coding (2008) ( and if someone uses shoutcast of course)

mysql does not function thesedays change to mysqli etc.. just a quick hint.. take a look for yourself here : https://dzone.com/articles/convert-mysql-to-mysqli#:~:text=If%20you%20want%20to%20convert,to%20replace%20mysql_%20with%20mysqli%20.

all the 3 files (best to backup all (server) before testing

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As I wrote already... that code is too old, and it doesn't respect e107 standards. (neither those in 0.7+)

I am not able to understand what it should do ...  mainly frontend. because it uses files that are missing...  On other side it is very simple if it does only what I can see from code.

The idea of that plugin looks promising (write new admin should be easy) but frontend is a mystery for me ;)
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