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Been a long time E107 user ;-) Never needed this one, but I have a group of moderators and I want each of them to moderate only certain pages. I.e. a Spanish user to access only the Spanish pages. In listbook/chapters there is an option that sais 'can be edited by', but I don't have that option on pages.
e107 version latest from git.
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A lot of questions ;-)

I have the situation that I have a website in English, and that I need to translate only certain pages into another language. In this case, I don't want a full translation of all the pages. The easiest way to achieve that is by allowing certain mods to moderate only their own pages. One solution would be to have a class 'can be edited by' per page like the listbook/chapters. I've been experimenting with lb/ch but perhaps I'm missing something, I can't get it to work.

Ha yes, but the more info, the more possibilities.
Correct it is not as in list/chapt. Did already try to do stuff that way, but seems limited.
Key here is 1 language where pages differ in context....

Have some ideas , but needs some testing. Will get back on this in the next few days.

Of course anybody else may respond also!!!.

Or create an issue enhancement request for this feature on Github?


Not sure if I can find the feature request, but I made that one since 0.6. Yes, I'm a (very) old user. I guess that not too many people require functionality like this. I didn't until now ;-)

Github> issues > new issue > item in list number 2 wink

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I would create.simple plugin for browsing paged selected by some query (chapter, template or something). Then I would access to this plugin only to needed class/users in it. In fact this is pretty easy and you can have simplied page editing of page itself.. Try to look at my site for simple pages plugin for inspiration. On mobile now, so I cant give you direct link.
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Seems like a good option. I'm not an experienced plugin builder, but never too old to learn.
I could help you because I will need something similar very soon (by user). And I plan to use simple page plugin as base. So you can start and if you run to issues, I will fix it. Just create repository and named it somehow. Query could be preference, so I could use different than your, but plugin can be the same.
By the way, I am working now mostly with 0.7.25 version ( I havent before) and pages are so simple and easy to use there.
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