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I would like to use MathJax in order to inserte well-formed math formulas in some news. In the MathJax README.md, it appears that I should add its directory in the local js directory.

Am I right if I install MathJax in /public_html/e107/e107_web/js?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

e107 version 2.2.1
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Iff i understand it, no not necessary (and not adviced as they are kind of protected system folder).
Asuming you have to call js etc.. a basic folder in the root would be sufficient.
(mathjax seems to have it that way..eg rootfolder mathjax).

JS calls themself (just did a quick peek on Mathjax) CDN paths.. Those would need to be inside the theme php of theme you are using..

Since little is known (afaik) on incorporating MJ. one has to guess..

Mind! in regards to a previous post made earlier on adding LaTex> do NOT use Tinymce, but plain basic editor to be sure...

Hope this will help at least a little..
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I understand and I am going to try MathJax as suggested in the README and as you suggest. 

Concerning Tinymce, many thanks for drawing my attention. yes

Thank you for your help (concerning the problem of meta tags, I will have a look tomorrow). wink

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