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Hello, I'm busy with Landing Zero. Got everything as far as I want it. I just noticed that the background image is not displayed on Android phones.

Via iPhone and browser it only works with Android, it does not display the image. Does anyone know any advice?
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Well some alterations were made to the theme, and not known which one you have..
From tests and reading your post > video works? and no bg image? Correct?
Might be a solution, needs to be tested: since video is overlay, hardcode bg image path in theme php.. Maybe it works...

(by origin 4-5 years ago video auto start on mobile was a no go) Thesedays it should (for me android yes.. but i do not use LZ presently.

Some changes before to original BZ> LZ theme some added js in scripts js (nav toggle) and httpS change. Again related to versions ?
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That problem is with LZ2 too. But I am not able to debug it because it works on any device tester I used.

Edit. Latest LZ2 works, I tested it on old demo.
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I use LZ version version 2.0 I downloaded it from e107.org. Yes, Autoplay was once a NoGo, I didn't include any video but only changed the standard background, only Android has a problem here.
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@Dansfield: is an url to view available, or rather not ?
Maybe related maybe not, by install for mobile standard is background02 supplied img dim.: 576x324
(aka media id 25) Do not know if the LZ you've got on org has it too (crippled while download).
Although it all should be responsive, hard to tell if that happens if the used image is larger then preset...
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Just general information to topics related to Landing Zero themes.

Landing Zero2 theme is free and it can be downloaded for free. LZ theme was originally my theme and I had agreed to use it for e107 core and move under e107Inc repository. The theme demo was on e107.org too.  But there were limitations for the solution (it could use only core stuff). In fact, I had to strip many things in order to be a core theme. Plus, I couldn't maintain directly this theme anymore and nobody fixed issues related to it. Not mention that the demo was removed without a single word.

Landing Zero 2 theme is supported and it has its own forum. I had to mark it as premium and put into e107sk Easystore, because this is the only option how to not upload the full code on e107.org. If you pay for it, you just can get premium support (by email) or you can ask for new features. But the theme itself is in e107sk.com download section free for members.

And because there should have been the new core version very soon, I updated LZ2 to new rules and now it is compatible only with 2.3.0. In e107sk Easystore are available older versions too.  I tried to put price 0.01Eur, but it was forbidden by e107.org as cheating.
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