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I recently installed e107 which I used a couple of times in the past. I appreciate Voux for a personal blog.

Although the question had probably been resolved (I checked the forum without finding the solution), where can I change the banner associated with "The Voux" an dmake it occupies the width of the page?

Thank you in advance for your help (a link, a comment).
e107 version 2.2.1
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a) the image is a pre installed logo.. In most cases it would occupy the admin/prefs> site logo.

If not change the site logo to the one you like (best use same height image =140px). (path ..see above)
Best to change in voux /theme php line 193 (SITEURL}">{SITELOGO: w=300})> delete the w=300. save
Next for broad view : go into voux/style css line 163 change > div#logo img {
    width: 300px;  >>> example 900px.done? (experiment) save.
Unsure? backup first
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Yes you could, but if i may : i would leave it how it is ...but just enlarge the image (or px size) to width 1170 px.

So it will be more pleasing for the eye and aligns with the bottom parts.
Height for me is just fine.

Glad it is sorted out.


ps in regards to first post about using Voux; not sure what exactly is 'wished' for, but maybe the Black&White
theme (available at e107.org, or by menu manager/find themes) could also be interesting for you..

Thank you for your suggestion and your help. smiley

I am going to change the picture width

Well, it is perfect on my smartphone but on the PC there is still a difference with respect to the rest of the page (it is just a question of pleasant appearence).

I am going to have a look on the Blake&White theme yes

Just info : viewed 4 different browsers. All look fine !! For the phone i use : fine!
So do not worry.
Guessing what disturbs is the coloring. head/footer vs overall appearance . (It's in the eye of the beholder).
If you do see the head image that does this, viewport vs auto left/right.. it's on the edge. Changing this could disrupt the responsiveness. First impression > hey nice.. but since you are aware of what you have done...you do look differently at it..Ask another to look without telling...

Maybe iff you have time left that could be something to look into (css).
Nicely done, and glad to have helped. smiley

If you are happy you may close the post (solved).

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