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When i add this line below to my theme, it changes the way it looks for some reason. I have place it in many different places in the them.php but it does not matter. The bottom picture is what it is suposse to look like but the minute i add the line it changes it. Any ideas why? When i add this line to the them, the tabbed menu looks and acts like it should but it changes the upper part of the page as you can see in the first picture.

e107::css('theme', 'tabby-ui.min.css');

I'm just trying to get this to work for a tabbed menu. It looks like this with out



e107 version 2.2
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Css rules and loading order? It is normal thing. You need to check what part of css has influence on this via console - F12 second tab. If you add not supported css, this can happen. Bootstrap has native support for tabs menu. Without seeing live example it is hard to say. Try to contact theme author.
Or maybe you did some mistake and theme css is not loaded correctly. Again console check.

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