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I just need it to scroll text up or down and be able just to add a link to the text. The older version of e107 had one. When you placed your mouse over the text it would stop. You were also ables to control the speed of the scroll/

I check all the plugins for the latest version of e107 but cant find one. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

I know it sounds like its not in important plugin but for me it's really needed.

Also maybe a tabbed plugin

Thank you
e107 version 2.2
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Question is: what is the source for that text?

Is that old plugin listed here?


I know that horizontal newstickers are available (for news) -  some in Fizi themes, I have one as the part of a premium plugin.

Another way: you need to find working html+js+css solution and use/port it for e107 (it is easy, just find it)




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It was just a matter of me adding my own text to it. Then is just scrolled the text i add to it. I was also able to add a hyper link to it and it would stop when i hovered over it. I knok the plugin had the name aacgc but dont remeber what was after that. I will check out the link you sent me. Thank you

If aacgc... check this... https://github.com/AACGC

But his plugins are terrible outdated. 

Look for an existing solution on web (snippets, bootsnip or codeplay) - It's very easy to add to site (create new plugin or something like this) 

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