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To precise previous question, is there some way to keep editable text and images in a third-party bootstrap page template, once it has been uploaded in the theme manager, and without recoding (css, js, markup) ?

And may this scenario depend on the export options of the third-party templates builder ?


e107 version e107 v2.2.1
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Your question is not entirely clear to me. What are you trying to achieve? Can you desribe your ideal scenario that you want to accomplish?


What I mean is :

Can I import (upload) a page template that I created myself with “blocsapp for Mac“ (using bootstrap 4) so that its default images and text can be replaced by users that have template editing authorization over my website ?

And is this as simple as said above, or would I need to go through one or the other process below, so the uploaded template is matching e107 template default configuration ?

  • Paying attention to blocapps export options
  • Make some coding in e107 to have the uploaded template editable



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