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I plan to use BLOCS app as my templates buider...!

In this purpose, I need to know if templates exported from this app may keep being fully-editable by authorized members (in charge of page creation...), , once uploaded in e107 theme manager.

If this is feasable, I wish to know first what export options would other e107 users recommand to check :

BLOCS knowledge-base : go to export options 

Can someone help ?


e107 version e107_2.2.1_full
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Hi, not familiar with blocksapp, because it's only for Mac, but if it is similar to other programs like this, it should export full HTML theme.

Then you need to port HTML theme for e107.  You can't upload those files directly to e107 theme manager.  And for sure they will not be fully editable.  So you need to take sourcess (css, js) and html markup and create custom e107 theme. For editing you need to use tools/elements in e107 (like menus, pages) or build your own stuff.

Quick Export is enough for you while developing theme,
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