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As using the “Theme Manager“ or the “Welcome Message“ functionalities did not allow me to remove  the “Toggle Video“ button“ from my FRONT PAGE, I need to know if this may be done modifying setting entries in files/code within the LANDING ZERO THEME directory.

If yes, in what CSS, HTML, or XML files should I modify settings ?
And what settings needs to be modified ?


e107 version e107 2.2.1
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I make it a small lesson (can be used through a lot of things)
Use regex (search in files in Notepad++ or alike  find the TEXT > Toggle video > result would be language file> English php third line
Now use the define in front aka LAN_LZ_ THEME _02 you get: (coding use) 

single result from in theme_shortcodes php inside Landing zero :

return '<hr><a href="#video-background" id="toggleVideo" data-toggle="collapse" class="btn btn-primary btn-xl">'.LAN_LZ_THEME_02.'

This is the thing that controls it. now you have 2 options take a look at the line it has a link and is a button Keep in mind if something is in there that you need.
Nothing ? mark the line itself  with //   in front of line 89 (and the close code line 90) so they will be INactive (but still keep present).Or delete the whole piece surrounding. (you could do it  //  in front of the lang file define too, but that just plain hides the text, not the button itself)  !!It is depending on your needs if you use a movie, as it acts as a switch...(that is the concept of LZ).

Please be aware that an update (as LZ) is a core theme will overwrite your setting; So best to copy the theme, Rename it  + (some small adjustments inside theme itself on name (search >landingzero)  (like above mentioned method and use new name),and use the copy . Since an update has no idea that exists no harm done (it has disadvantages when some other things in that theme that are used get an upgrade) as we can use certain plugin features in theme or templates that override the core ones.

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I also have been told that this could be done a simpliest way :

in theme.php (within the landingzero themefolder), line 258. Remove the {LANDING_TOGGLE} shortcode.
That is correct, but as mentioned i make a small lesson out of it, so to understand what happens where.
So trying to get some more explanation over how it works, inside. Deleting the shortcode from theme, is quick yes, but you could do something (as more  sc's are present) 'harmfull'. Both methods are basically the same (1 = the call ; 2 is how its done) My answer keeps the sc (postion and  written shortcode) in theme intact (but looses its function), and makes it easier to restore.( use of commented //) >

If you know what it does> that is a way to get the info, or its action..
Not intended to make it difficult, but should you get an update, and forget about the change, (maybe for something else you did) now you have possible method to look into it further. Reading some texts.. where does it happen...
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