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As per to translate my website back-end and front-end to French,  I have been uploaded and installed the “Multiple language“ plugin. Since then, I am facing issues that prevents me to localize my website in french. Solving these issues will be a step forward in my purpose to join the e107 translator team !

*** ISSUE CASE 1 ***
Although, the French language is listed in the available “language-Packs“ sub-panel, under the “Settings“ menu, I get the following error when attempting to install it from there : clicking the “install“ button ends up showing a long list of error and success (screenshots) :

Consequently, French can’t be chosen as default language, as it is not listed in the “Default Site Language“ scroll down menu under the language “Preferences“ sub-panel.

Further more, I opened the “Multiple languages“ plugin panel and I am not sure about how to use its functionnalities (no tutorial found) : core tranlator, core editor, preferences, tools….

I do need help and guidance please,


e107 version e107 2.2.1
closed with the note: Solved after I found and uploaded the french language pack (v2.3.0) within e107_languages directory.
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Just additional information regarding the translation team & language packs, which may be interesting to you as you are considering contributing to translations:



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