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We have multiple domain extentions located on different servers for one of our sites and would like to move a copy of the original site to one of the other servers. Since it will have a different name and extention, what would be the easiest way of making this move?
e107 version 2.2.1
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Normally i would say : backup the database that belongs to the site AND ALL the sites content (files folders etc...aka backup full)

(always good to do some checks if site has no errors and dbase is ok before doing so).

Now on the new server you create an empty dbase : import the dabase, Upload all ....Next adjust the config files credentials.

Your internal siteurl (main admin site url) which maybe holds the old name/url/domain > change that one in a single / (slash).

You 'could' alter it in sql querie (manual) iff site is not accesible (core > files Siteprefs+SiteprefsBackup)

You will run in trouble if you have hardcoded links that refer to this site of course (external and internal use).

Also it is possible you do not see any images from media folder since a new media hash folder has been created.

Would such be the case : read here Jimako (Jimmi) has a good explanation... https://www.e107sk.com/knowledge_base/hashed-names-for-media-and-system-folders/?content.50
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Thank you for responding

I have the db backed up, and downloaded.

I uploaded the db to a blank db using the same db name and user name

I have all it image folders downloaded and ready to upload to the new server and know how to place them in the correct folder.

We have no hard links to deal with.

However, I am not sure what I need to change in the config file.

Could you give more of an explaination on these two steps?

Thank You

Q: I uploaded the db to a blank db using the same db name and user name

not a lot to change than (the only issue that may arise is your domainname as described above> site url)
this would be the normal setup

config php: basic

$mySQLserver    = 'your sql server'; > location of dbase
$mySQLuser      = 'your username of sql server';
$mySQLpassword  = 'yoour password to connect to database';
$mySQLdefaultdb = 'the databasename';


$mySQLprefix    = 'e107_'; ( prefix of the tables what normally e107 standard uses when not changed to liking)
$mySQLcharset   = 'utf8';

the top 4 have to be correct.

the following are standard...

$ADMIN_DIRECTORY     = 'e107_admin/';
$FILES_DIRECTORY     = 'e107_files/';
$IMAGES_DIRECTORY    = 'e107_images/';
$THEMES_DIRECTORY    = 'e107_themes/';
$PLUGINS_DIRECTORY   = 'e107_plugins/';
$HANDLERS_DIRECTORY  = 'e107_handlers/';
$LANGUAGES_DIRECTORY = 'e107_languages/';
$HELP_DIRECTORY      = 'e107_docs/help/';
$MEDIA_DIRECTORY   = 'e107_media/';   >>>>> this contains the above mentioned hash folders; you should have at least 1 new which will be the one which now starts to be used from this point on> >>>
$SYSTEM_DIRECTORY    = 'e107_system/';


if you didn't change here, all is good

ps : about site url

it can happen (i always use a slash) that the old dbase  remembers the siteurl : htt p(-s) : / /  old site/e107
in one fof the the above posts mentioned core (2) files you can adjust these to the new domain htt p(-s) : / /  newsite/e107... that is all
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After moving maybe 30 installations :

- export DB tables via PHPMyAdmin, don't use e107 backup

- create a new database (with a new name or not) and import DB file there. Be aware of PHP upload limitation - copy all files there, clear cache before doing this

- fix your config file. If you don't set old sitekey, just wait for newly created folders inside media and system folders and copy your files there

- log in, via admin link if frontend fails

- clear cache, maybe cookies If you use e107 in a subdirectory of other e107 installation, change cookie name prefix, otherwise, you will run into troubles with corrupted cookies
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