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I am hosting multiple sites with e107 on the same server, however on a new site, I can not get captcha to show up on the contact form.

I tried it with the stock captcha and with an add on, Neither one shows up, thus allowing any bot to post.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


e107 version 2.1.1
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This was an issue (and presumed fixed; i run always latest versions and they work.

 maybe you didn't notice it.

You mentioned running 

e107 v2.1.1 2016-04-06

 the bug was related to php 7.1 and php 7.2  (1,5 years later possible made after discussions with admittance from phpnet)  first issued realy in januari 2018 ( https://github.com/e107inc/e107/issues/2956 ).

Seeing your version number, you never updated ?? So fix for you is never made. Please read the issue what was happening and probably it is your version which should be updated best to latest or at minimum 2.1.8.

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HI, Thanks for the response.

I was running v2,1 on one of the sites that was not displaying the captcha and as of yesterday it "may have" automatically updated because I noticed a message stating that I needed to update my database, but I haven't checked out WHY I need to update the db.

Anyway, I reduced my php from 7.3 to 7.2 and that did not help, so I am not sure what steps to take next.

If possible a look might help ; if you do not like to post url's >  via PM (click name)
Set PHP errors displaying off (notices too). Check your server logs for an issue. Very often captcha Is not displayed if there is some PHP error displayed but you don't see it.

Which addon? Visual captcha or ReCaptcha? Both works, if not, what theme do you use?  Does it use the core contact template or not?
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