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Just installed E107.

If I click on any item on the dashboard ot logs me out

What now??
e107 version 2.2.1
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Ask on Github / Gitter. I would use 2.3.0 GitHub version. This happens in some environments. Write your PHP version and server info.
Thank you will do so. Another installation that I did a while ago now does the same.
You again didn't write if you try this on local server or not, or you use Apache or IIS, neither PHP version.

Try this:

- try direct login to admin area: /e107_admin/admin.php

if it didn't work, go to phpMyAdmin, find your user account and change your password (write it to the password field and use md5 hashing)

My guess is that you have problem with cookies, with all that GDPR stuff and problem is in your browser.

You are not only one, but it doesn't happen to me. If nothing helps, only core developers can help.
Hi I am using php7.2 on a linux server

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