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if grid is selected in admin -> pages/menus -> options -> list books/capters templates then no articles are displayed.

Any suggestions?


php 7.0.33

e107 2.2.1

theme bs_blog_01 or voux
e107 version 2.2.1
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Figured by myself..

in the file core / templates / chapter_template.php is missing the feature..

add at the end of the file this:

$CHAPTER_TEMPLATE['grid']['listPages']['start']                = "<div class='row'>";
$CHAPTER_TEMPLATE['grid']['listPages']['item']                = "<div class='col-xs-12 col-md-4 text-center'>
                                                                    <h2><a href='{CPAGEURL}' >{CPAGEMENU}</a></h2><p>{CHAPTER_DESCRIPTION}</p></div>";
$CHAPTER_TEMPLATE['grid']['listPages']['end']                = "</div>";

and the trik is done.


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