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I'm finding out that the more plugins I add, the less space the admon panel has to accomodate them, default is 3x6, I can only add 3 more and no more after that, because if I add more plugins, then the last quick launch buttons in the admin panel are automatically removed, (they return when a plugin is uninstalled).

Right now I have the Banners, Chatbox and Downloads plugins install, but if I add the Forum, the Welcome message quick launcher in the admin panel is removed, and if I add another plugin, the Users button is removed etc etc, shouldn't the panel grow/shrink as more plugins are installed/uninstalled?
e107 version 2.2.1
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Screenshot would be nice because I use maybe 20 plugins and I don't have any problem.  You can set different displays in Admin theme setting





And in right corner there is Personalize option, you can set your own boxes there, or something like that.





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I'm using the Bootstrap 3 trheme for admin, and the Admin Dark style, with the flexpanel layout, I tried various other options, changing the layout style, theme and the admin style, and either way it's still the same, but I prefer using the Admin Dark style with the flexpanel layut.

I don't see anywhere in this forum where to upload screenshot videos, so I put it in my dropbox:-


The video starts of showing 20 buttons, and the Welcome buttonm as the last one, then I install the Forum plugin, and then shows 20 buttons again, but this time the Welcome button has gone to make room for the Forum button at the top, then I uninstall the Forum plugin and it still shows the 20 buttons, but this time the Welcome button returned, it seems the panel has a max of 20 buttons.
Hi, I didn't look at code, but from your video - only 20 icons are displayed. And they are in alphabetical order, so Forum on the position and Welcome Message is hidden (it is 21st then)  

You can customize this in your personalize icons settings (Right side, under User Icon, Option Personalize )

But again only 20 are displayed. With my screen resolution there are 4x5 rows so it's correct.
My screen resolution is widescreen 1366x768 (fixed by the LCD monitor)

I did try all the custommization options and it still only shows 20 icons, I see if I can post this in the github and see if the devs can make it so that the 'flexpanel' and the 'Infopanel' in the Bootstrap 3 admin theme automatically grows/shrinks when extra icons are added/removed.
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I recommend putting this up on Github as it may be a candidate for enhancement in the admin theme.
When you post it up there, please also include your screen resolution.
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Moc, you can't add a limit to query that depends on device resolution.  Only way is to add this as prefs for each user. But then - he changes device and then what?

The solution is to have marked not 20, but only 18 icons in Personalize icons.  

Or change the limit to 60 (working with 3, 4 or five columns). This would be great for plugins list too.
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